About Us

Fast Track is a service mentality. At the heart of our mindset is the commitment to clients of Zoom Video Communications, who are seeking the easiest and most expeditious way to have their Zoom Rooms outfitted for natural, straight-forward use. Care and attention to detail are built into a process management system with optimum performance. Speed of execution, quality of delivery and comprehensive, constant communications on how developments are progressing, are Think’s hallmarks of meeting client expectations.

The Professional Services Organization of Zoom and the Zoom Room development group cited the need for the Fast Track model 5 years ago and out of that, this new approach has been refined, serving hundreds of clients with worldwide locations.

Today, Think AV and Think Fast Holdings are part of a network of Zoom Fast Track Certified Resellers & Integrators, dedicated to making getting outfitted with AV easy and effective for customers who too often experience long delays, difficulties, and disruption. Standards-based systems and processing allow for smooth implementations of an easy to use platform. Fast Track resellers are supported by having the entire Eco-system of Zoom hardware partners ready to supply the fastest outfitting in the business. We look forward to putting you on the fast track.

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